The Whale’s Adventure

Once upon a time there lived a humpback whale called Will. He was a happy whale who lived in the blue ocean. Will was a huge whale and also had a secret super power.

One hot summer day Will was playing in the ocean. Suddenly, a small yellow plane crashed into the water. It came from nowhere!

Then Will saw the pilot in the plane and tried to help her. “Are you okay?” said Will.

“Yes, but I will be late for my wedding!” said the pilot.

“I can fly in the sky but trust me!” said Will. So, the pilot believed Will and then he started flying up, up and up into the blue sky. She could only see blue sky, white fluffy clouds and the bright yellow sun.

Eventually, they arrived at the wedding. The people outside were surprised that a whale could fly. Then, the pilot called Sally came out and told everyone what had happened.

After that, Sally invited Will to the wedding. From that day on they became friends and had more adventures together.

By Hana