At Stanborough Primary School we have high expectations of everyone. We want our children to love their learning, to be excited, engaged and challenged and to lead their own learning through our broad and rich curriculum. We want them to take risks, to problem solve, to be active, creative and inspired. Above all, we want our children to ‘let their light shine before others, that they may see their good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven’. Matthew 5:16

Our Core Goals:

Love of our faithLearn about our faithSpiritually
Love ourselvesLearn from othersSocially
Love othersLearn who we are / who I amMorally
Love life/the worldLearn from our mistakesConfidently
Love of LearningAchieve our potentialAcademically

It is our aim to have everyone in our school community display our school values. Pupils who consistently display these values will have their names inscribed on the ‘Values Role of Honour’ which is displayed on the Hall of Fame Board outside the school office. Our values are:

  • Excellence – We give of our very best in everything that we do.
  • Resilience – We challenge ourselves and keep on trying.
  • Independence – As we learn, we let go of the support and have a go ourselves.
  • Co-operation – We learn well with and from others.
  • Self-control – We can manage our own behaviour and feelings.
  • Curiosity – We use our imaginations to open our minds to countless opportunities.
  • Acceptance – We live in harmony with each other and appreciate, and value, our differences.
  • Respect – We are polite and we take care of each other and our environment.