1. The number of children in the Nursery is limited to 24. The number in each year group from Reception to Year 6 is limited to 20.  Parents will be informed if places are available in the class.
  2. When parents first enquire, a copy of the prospectus, and fee schedule are sent by post. Parents are asked to ring to make an appointment to see the headteacher in order to discuss their child’s admission to the school, and to visit (with or without their child) prior to the children being admitted.
  3. Children entering the Nursery and Reception classes are expected to visit the school and meet the headteacher and they do not take an entrance test.
  4. Children applying for places in classes from Years 1 to 6 will be required to take entrance tests in Maths and English. Arrangements for these tests are made once the school has received the completed application form and registration fee.
  5. At this stage the school makes the decision whether to offer a place and the parents are informed as soon as possible.
  6. Parents are then asked to complete a number of information sheets, which must be sent to the school prior to admission. The parents are provided with a Welcome Pack when the offered place is accepted.
  7. Children are only admitted on a Monday morning, or on the first day of a new term.
  8. Once the child has been admitted, parents are asked to keep in close contact with the class teacher to ensure that their child’s transition to a new school is a smooth one.
  9. As soon as the child starts school the school secretary requests records from the previous school.

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