Summer / Week 8

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you enjoyed the warmer weather over the weekend! The children have made an excellent start to the final term of this academic year. I want to thank all parents and carers who attended the Pupil Progress Meetings last week. It was an invaluable opportunity for teachers to share your child’s progress and targets for this term. The governors also appreciated the chance to meet with you and discuss the school’s current plans.

We kindly request that you take a moment to complete our end-of-year survey using the following link: . Your feedback is vital and will greatly assist us in shaping our preparations for the upcoming academic year. As this is your school, your input is of utmost importance to us as we continuously strive for school improvement and aim to become a centre of excellence. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and help us create an even better educational experience.

Looking ahead to this week, we are excited about our annual Sports Day scheduled for Wednesday, 14th June. The timings for the day are as follows:

  • KS1 & 2 sports day will commence from 9:15am to 12:00pm.
  • We will have a whole-school (including parents and carers) picnic lunch between 12:00pm and 12:55pm.
  • KS2 sports will resume at 1:00pm, and we aim to conclude by the end of the school day.

On the day, children should come to school dressed in their sports kit, wearing the coloured t-shirt corresponding to their house. If the weather is overcast, they may want to wear their tracksuit or plain black jogging bottoms. Additionally, please ensure they bring a named water bottle, a named sunhat (preferably the school sunhat), and sun cream.

We sincerely hope you can join us for this action-packed sporting extravaganza and participate in the picnic during the lunch interval. Please note that the HSA will have a selection of light snacks available for purchase (cash only) on the day, including ice creams. We kindly request your support in their efforts to raise additional funds for the new playground.

School Fete – End of Term Celebration Reminder:

Our annual school fete will not take place this year. Instead, on June 30th, we will have an extended school day from 1:30pm to 4:00pm. The event will include a bouncy castle, a pizza/hotdog meal deal, ice cream, a water fight, and games on the field. The cost is £20 per attendee, with funds going towards the playground. The staff, including the office team, will manage the event. Please consider making additional donations. Return slips for meal preferences should be submitted by June 15th. We appreciate your support and hope your children enjoy the event.

SCHOOL VALUE OF THE WEEK (W/C 12th June 2023): Resilience

Values Roll of Honour: (W/C 5th June 2023):

ResilienceGabbie, Lucca, Joycellin, Zara, All of Year 3, All of Year 4, Tim & Amy.
AcceptanceAbel, Aaron W, Stephanie, Sophia M, Martin, Ved, Micah W, Nathan A-C, Sophia G & Austin.
IndependenceRichard, Aurelia, Philip, Truthi, Hana, Aaron R, Micah W, Martin, Aniyah, Diya, thandiwe, Jadon, Orla, Rhea, Micah A-C & Finley.
CuriosityPhineas, Aaron W, Hayli, Krisztian, Evelyn, Nathan R, Israel, Nathan A-C, Aniyah, Jadon, Christiana & Shemilore.
ExcellenceEva, Lerato, Davi, Michaela, Evelyn, Hana, Aaron R, Orla, Thandiwe, Zachary, Marqueza & Nomsa.
Self-ControlEzekiel, Aurelia, Parshva, Chloe, Aaron R, Ved, Nathan R, Israel, Elisha, Thiago & Rutendo.
RespectEva, Lucca, Matthias, Michael, All of Year 3, All of Year 4, Unami & Austin.
CooperationNaomi, Aurelia, Philip, Idelle, All of Year 3, Diya, Aniyah, Jadon, Timothy & Nomsa.
**Growth Mind-set **Eva, Aaron W, Stephanie, Michaela, Martin, Evelyn, Hana, Nathan A-C, Barbora & Finley.

Stars of the Week (Headteacher Awards) W/C 5th June  2023

Year 1Davi
Year 2Giovanna
Year 3Nathan R
Year 4Nathan A-C
Year 5Zachary
Year 6Shemilore

Keep letting your light shine! I am so proud of you all.

Attendance W/C  5th June 2023:

Each school under the local authority has a designated attendance goal, and this year, our school’s target is to achieve a 96% attendance rate. Naturally, we do not anticipate unwell children to attend school as they need ample rest to recuperate and prevent the spread of illness to others.

If a child arrives after the register’s closing time, it will be marked as an unauthorised absence unless a valid reason is provided and approved by the Headteacher. Any child arriving late (after 08.50am) must go to the school office and be signed in by an accompanying adult. If a pattern of tardiness becomes frequent, the Headteacher will address the matter with the parent. It is important to note that being only 5 minutes late each day could result in your child missing the equivalent of three school days over the year.

Year GroupAttendance %
Year 193.75%
Year 290.91%
Year 3100%
Year 4100%
Year 597.73%
Year 6100%

Congratulations to Years Reception, Year  3, Year 4 & 6 for having 100% attendance the week before last.  All classes with 100% attendance will receive an additional 15 minutes of playtime this week.

Our current attendance rates are concerning. It is crucial that children are absent from school only in cases of illness or family emergencies. Our attendance target is set at 96%, and it is essential that we collaborate to achieve this goal. 

Medical/Dental Appointments:

To ensure accurate attendance records, please provide a written note to your child’s teacher or the school office. Alternatively, you can call the office to report any absences. It is important to follow our school policy and inform the office by 10:00am if your child is unable to attend school. Thank you for your cooperation.

Reminder South West Herts Consortium – Year 6  2023/24:

The online registration for the transfer is currently available and will remain open until Friday, June 16th, 2023. To get more information about the transfer process and significant dates, please visit the following link: We strongly recommend that all parents take note of the registration deadlines and make sure to register their child during the designated period.

Afterschool Club Collection Reminder:

Our after-school clubs finish promptly at 4:45pm Monday to Thursday and at 2:45pm on Fridays. It has come to our attention that some children have been left waiting for collection after this time and we kindly ask that you make arrangements to collect your child within the allotted time.

If you anticipate that you may be late, I would like to ask that you kindly contact the school office to inform us of the expected delay. If you are unable to reach our office team, please leave a message and they will endeavour to forward it to the staff on duty.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that late collections may result in additional charges to cover extended staff hours. We are keen to avoid this where possible, and your cooperation and consideration is greatly appreciated.

 Key Dates:

Wed, 14th June 2023SPORTS DAY
Wed, 21st June 2023Stay & Play 10am – 12pm (Nursery)
Wed, 28th June 2023Stay & Play 10am – 12pm (Nursery)
Fri, 30th June 2023End of Year Celebration Event  1.30 – 4pm
Wed, 5th July 2023Trip to Cassiobury Farm  (Nursery – Year 4)
Wed, 12th July 2023Whole School Theatre Show (in school event)
Fri, 14th July 2023End of Term Celebration Assembly  10.30am
Fri, 14th July 2023Summer Term Ends 13.30pm

See the link to our school calendar –

Finally, let us remember,  ‘Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.’ – Mark 11:24

Love and Blessings,

Tiann Madden (Headteacher)