MP/Author Visit

Dean Russell MP visited the Y3/4 class today to talk to students about Parliament and his role as an MP and a published author.

The students were fortunate to have Mr Russell read them some stories, which he authored, ‘So Frog’ and ‘Gorilla’ and were keen to learn about what inspires and motivates him to write stories.

The children had spent the week discussing and finding out about Parliament and had come up with a series of questions to ask Mr Dean Russell. The questions were very thoughtful and insightful and Mr Russell gave us a rare insight into life as both an author and an MP.

At the end, when the students had the opportunity to voice their thank yous, Hannah said, ‘Thank you for telling us about your role as an MP and for inspiring me to become an MP one day!’

The Stanborough school values were exemplified by the students and Mr Dean Russell was very impressed with their questions and engagement during his visit.