Yabba dabba do party to celebrate the Stone Age!

Yesterday the children in Year 3 and Year 2 were introduced to the Stone Age!   The children dressed like Stone Age people.  We created a cave area with a friendship tree!    One of the children created their own Stone Age powerpoint.  We discussed the pre history timeline, the type of food that the people would have eaten.  We saw a video of cave paintings.  We are going to create cave paintings for our cave.
We ate berries and discussed that the Neolithic people (Stone Age people) were hunter gatherers.   After this the children made shortbread bone biscuits.   We finished the party by watching Fred Flinstones videos and playing bowling which is a flinstone family favourite game.    The children had previously created their own bowling game by recycling plastic bottles and filling them with sand.  
We all had fun and learnt facts about the Stone Age!!!