World Book Day – 6/3/19 The Dog and His Bone

After stealing a bone, a dog made his way back home. As he crossed the stream, the thirsty dog stopped to look down at the water. When he saw his reflection, he thought it was another dog with a bigger bone. The dog, greedy for another bone, decided to grab that bone too. But when he opened his mouth, he dropped his bone into the water. The foolish dog was left with nothing.

Moral of the story: It is foolish to be greedy. Be content with what you have.

Parents – We will be exploring this Aesop Fable all week, please share the story at home. You will find various versions of the story on youtube. If any of you would like to translate the story into your home language and let us have it at Nursery that would be amazing. Thank you and enjoy.

Wednesday Dress up options – your child can come as a dog or as a story teller with a toy dog. We will be offering the children facepainting too 🙂