World Book Day!

Year 6 have had an amazing week celebrating World Book Day!

We were able to retell the story, ‘The Crow and the Pitcher’, by using some key writing features such as dialogue, descriptive language and a range of punctuation.

A visiting author, Paul Chapman, shared his writing journey with us. We were inspired and look forward to using his tips to write!

Paul Chapman talks to us about how he wrote and illustrated his book ‘Spinach’.

In art, we used our observational skills to sketch a crow. Look at the progress we made!

For science, we investigated the theory of water displacement.

Crows are known to be clever. In our groups, we researched this and created a fact sheet to showcase our learning.

In geography, we learnt about droughts and what is was like to live in the Sahara. We looked at strategies implemented to prevent droughts, focusing on dams. We then wrote a balanced argument based on our knowledge of dams.