What material is best to use as a tea bag?

“We have run out of tea bags at the school!” I announced to the class this afternoon. “The staff are indesperate need for a cup of tea and all we managed to find was a box of loose tea leaves.” ☕️

Luckily, the Y1/2 scientists have been learning about materials and their suitability so they were given the veryimportant task of figuring out the best material to make tea bags with. In their groups, they independentlychose their equipment and tested different materials before deciding whether they were a good or badchoice. They had to keep their tests fair and work carefully too.

They decided that kitchen paper and thin cotton were a good substitute because they were not water proof,were strong and have tiny holes in them. They also found out that foil and baking paper were bad choicesbecause they were waterproof and did not have holes in them.

Well done to our little scientists! They have saved the day!