Growth Mindset

We met an author with a growth mindset

It was such a wonderful opportunity listening to Jane Clarke our visiting author for Book Week yesterday. Jane very powerfully demonstrated what the growth mind-set entails in her own journey into writing.

The children were surprised to find out that Jane struggled with writing when she was much younger and got her words the wrong way round. She even had some examples from childhood that her mother had kept for her. So how amazing is it that Jane only began to write books for children at the age of 40?

How we view ourselves is a key component about the growth mindset. People with a growth mindset see things like intelligence or artistic and athletic abilities not as fixed traits but as qualities that can be changed and improved with time and effort.

                    Growth Mindset                  Fixed Mindset
Assumes that intelligence and other qualities , abilities , and talents can be developed with effort , learning and dedication.Assumes that intelligence and other qualities abilities and talents are fixed traits that cannot be significantly developed.