Visitors from the past

Year 3 and 4 would like to thank Francis and Frederica Graham-Brown, who came to visit the school and share some of their memories of life in the past. Year 3 and 4 were very impressed by the toys that Francis and Frederica brought to show them (a teddy bear and two dolls from the 1930s) and the stories of how the toys had been repaired instead of replaced. Frederica’s stories about her school when she was in Juniors was a big surprise to some children (outside toilets and dip-ink pens). We were all very impressed by the Vactric vacuum cleaner, if a bit disappointed that it wouldn’t work with today’s safety standards because it only had a two-pin plug. Some children, as well as Miss Burns and Ms St Cyr, were surprised that it could also be used as a spray painter if it got put in reverse, but Francis was quick to say only for decorating the walls inside a house.

Francis and Frederica also brought in some identity cards from the 1950s and a ration book from World War 2, and explained to the children what rationing was. Some children were more alarmed by the idea of rationed clothes than rationed food, but all the children said how lucky they are to live in a time when rationing doesn’t happen.

Some children took the opportunity to ask questions, and found out that boys played rugby in the Juniors in the past, that Francis and Frederica got their first television when their son was in school, and that Francis thinks that phones are useful but the way they are used now is not good for social interaction because he thinks people should talk to each other more.

We are grateful for the time they took to come in and share their memories and thoughts with us.