Sports for Schools visit

On Tuesday, 11th June, we had a visit from Commonwealth Gold-medal winning gymnast Steve Frew. Steve put the children from Year 6 to Nursery through their paces with a workout including four different exercises: Spotty Dog, Leg Drills, Push-ups and Star Jumps. Each exercise was for a minute, which can feel like a very long time when you are doing fast-paced workouts!
All the children enjoyed the visit and the exercises, with some children even wanting to do the workout again. They represented themselves and the school very well, encouraging each other in the four activities.
Once all the children had completed the exercises, Steve led an assembly in which he talked about how he had needed to practice and focus on his goals, and how determination and perseverance helped him to achieve his dreams. He even demonstrated some of his amazing skill, using the spring-board to do somersaults over students (and over a member of staff)! The children and staff were all amazed and showed their appreciation.

The children were given sponsorship forms for these workouts, and any money raised will go towards equipment for the school so we can continue to encourage the children in developing some of their athletic skills, which will be on display on Sports Day in July. Please encourage your child/children to bring in their sponsorship forms, as they will receive an exclusive reward from Sports for Schools and Steve Frew if they collect a certain amount.