Veolia Visit for Recycling Week

This morning, Mr Harris from Veolia came to school and talked to us about recycling and the different types of bins and plastic. He also said that if we do not put the right things in the correct bins then he will not be collecting your dustbin! He also talked to us about plastic waste and what you should do and not do.

We all had to bring any item we didn’t need or we don’t use anymore like toys and books. Each class came to bring their items they didn’t need anymore. Miss Burns and Mr Harris laid out everything neatly and it was time for each class to trade their items. Each class was called in to come and had the chance to take some new things home to replace the things they had brought.

Year 6 thought that the younger children were very lucky because they got to choose first!

All the children enjoyed learning about recycling, and we hope everyone enjoys their new toys and books.