Top Tips for Adopting Safe and Healthy Online Habits

Dear Parents and Carers,

Every year, Comic Relief goes all out to help people, both in the UK and internationally, who are going through a tough time. In our area of specialism, we at National Online Safety are acutely aware that – for children and young people in particular – many of those difficult moments increasingly originate from and unfold in the digital world.

From inappropriate content to the toxic behaviour of others, online harms can do long-lasting damage. That’s why we’re passionate about helping this new generation to build their digital resilience – equipping them to deal with digital dangers. This week’s guide has a selection of tips for encouraging safe and healthy online habits. 

In the attached guide we have  compiled a list of useful suggestions which could help you and your family strike the right balance and build digital resilience. 

Many Thanks,

Tiann Madden (Headteacher)