Together for a Better Internet!

For our internet safety week, the Digital Leaders planned a whole week of online safety activities!

On Monday, we had a special whole school assembly (presented by the Year 6 pupils) about how to stay safe online.

Across the school, pupils took part in activities which were planned for and lead by the Digital Leaders. They did an amazing job in encouraging safer digital use to all pupils.

Following this, pupils had the opportunity to link what they learnt during the week and do a write-up.

On Friday, Year 6 led the junior assembly. They role-played a series of three short scenes where pupils got to explore what online consent and permission really meant and understand the potential consequences that could occur if it’s not obtained. They also considered how the gaining or granting of consent is a choice, their choice – and by doing so they are being a kind and respectful online friend.

Children were also encouraged to create a personal pledge for a safer internet!

Year 2 ,along with Mrs Stow, led the infant assembly. They encouraged their peers to think about what they love about the internet, how they can be kind and respectful to others online, and what they can do to keep themselves safe when using it.

To mark the end of a successful week, and as a thank you to the Digital Leaders and Year 6 for their brilliant efforts, they were treated to an exclusive party!