The Missing Queen

Chapter One

Far away in The Atartik there lived intelligent, curious girls. Their names were Liliac and Lyla. They were twins. Not just simple twins but best friends! And that was not the only exciting thing. The other interesting thing about them is that they don’t die. One dawn their iPad flashed.

“What was that?” said Lyla.

“It’s our iPad” said Liliac.

The duke sent a message saying: “Hi Lyla and Liliac” said the message. “There is a problem, the queen has been lost in the woods. Could you help me find her?”

The girls looked at each other surprised and gasped saying: “How can we find her in the dark, mysterious woods?”, said Lyla.

“I don’t know, but we need to find a way before she loses her kingdom”, said Liliac.

Before they went, they always took their backpacks. Lyla and Liliac went to the duke’s house. The duke said:

“Hello, come with me, I will show you her throne.”

“Oh no, she’s not at her throne!”
“Ya, I don’t know how she got lost. Put on your goggles Lyla”.

“Ok”, said Lyla. “I can spot where she went. Follow me!”, said Lyla.

“The queen went this way”, said Lyla

They went outside to her waterfall then passed the buildings, finally they arrived at the woods. The duke was very scared he was about to scream!

“I can’t see her footprints anymore! Oh, no!”

Her name was Selestia. They were calling: “Selestia!”, “Selestia!” but Selestia would not answer. They got tired so they made camp. The duke was funny because he slept in the same tent with the girls then a chipmunk popped up. The duke screamed. The girls woke up.

“Huh?! What happened?”

“Aaaaaa, sssssquirrel!”

“Come on, duke, that’s a cute chipmunk.“




‘Chipmunk!” … and that argument carried on and on until they fell asleep.

At midnight the twins got up and went on with their search. Then, unexpectedly Liliac spotted something strange! A squirrel trap!

Chapter Two

Lyla and the duke gasped saying the queen has not allowed animal TRAPS! That person broke the law!

“Ayayay, We’ve got two missions now! Which one do we do first?”, said Lyla.

“The queen one”, said Liliac.

“Come on, let’s go to our friend fox to helps us find Selestia.”

“Ya good idea”, said Lyla.

“Come on let’s go to the fox’s den.” And off they went to the fox’s den.

“Hi!”, said the fox. “Why are you here, my friends. I did not expect you here.”

“Fox, we just wanted to ask if you know where queen Selestia is.”

“Oh I think I know. In the middle of the woods. That’s where I saw her walking.”

“We will go there”, said the duke and the girls.

“Bye bye”, said the fox.

“Bye bye”, said the girls.

And Lyla and Liliac went. And the duke also went to the middle of the woods but the queen was not there!

“I think fox did not know! Let’s go to squirrel. He’s intelligent.”

“Yes, let’s go to the squirrel. But let’s eat first because I’m hungry.”

“OK, let’s eat; I have some bananas and coconut milk.

“Yum, yum!” said the duke. “It does sound delicious.”

“It’s going to be a healthy snack”, said the twins.

“A snack! Yum!, I love snacks.”

“Ya bananas and coconut are so healthy!”

After a while they started munching and crunching. Dream come true, it was delicious! But the queen was on a cliff not in the woods. But the twins did not know that, neither the duke! So they went to squirrel and said:

“Do you know where Selestia is?”

“Hmmm, she went to the middle of the woods then went to the edge.”

“Thanks so much squirrel; you are so observant!”

As soon as they could, they went to the edge.

“Wait, Lyla, which edge? ‘cause she did not say.”

“Oh yes, let’s go back.”

“Ok”, replied Liliac. Off they went back.

“Hi”, said squirrel.

“Why did you come back?”

“It is because you did not say which direction on the compass.”

“Oh it is the east.”

“Ok, thank you.”

“You are welcome”

Off they went to the edge of the woods which was in the east. Soon after, it was 6 o’clock. They got tired and went and made the tent while the duke carried on searching for Selestia. As soon as the twins finished pitching the tent, they went to sleep. After half an hour, the twins were asleep and the duke came to the tent and said:

“Why are you sleeping at 6:30?!”

“Well we were tired and went for a nap.”

“But we sleep at 9:00?!”

“Oh sorry we thought it was 9:00!?”

So back they went to their odd search.

After a while the twins and the duke went to bed worried because they could not find the queen. The next morning they had a break from finding Selestia. In that break they climbed trees and they glided on a zip wire and played chess. Lyla was the judge and Liliac and the duke were against each other.

“Liliac won!”said Lyla.

“Ok, lets do a re-match”, said the duke. 

“Ok, 3, 2, 1, go!” said Lyla.

“Yes” said Liliac. 

“Lets eat!” said the twins, “because it’s lunch time”.

For lunch they ate cornflakes with coconut milk and it was delicious. After they read several books and wrote reports about them after they made letters for Selestia they took it in the air and the air flew it to Selestia. And Selestia read it:

“Dear Selestia, how are you? Where are you?

Please tell us were you are! You can send your reply on the Ipad or fly it to us by the wind.

Miss you”,

by the Cargo twins.

Selestia answered:

“Hi Cargo twins, I’m on the mountain, at the top of Kiri mountain”

“Ok, we thought you were in the forest, let’s talk on the Ipad.


The twins chatted until they came across the river. The duke had a canoe. They went in the canoe and paddled across the river. They were wet and the duke hated being wet. He felt like a slug. But they never gave up. They typed the address.

“Ok, this way she went.”

“ I wish I could have a shower!” said the duke.

“Ya, I’m so wet and dirty” said Lyla.

“Ok, we need to continue! It’s a tough search but we need to trust our plan; if we don’t, we fail!” ,said Liliac. “Be resilient in everything that we do for I know that God gives us strength.”

“Yes you are right we need to be, trustful and thankful.”

The duke’s name was David.

“David what are you doing ?”

“ I’m making aaa ahh a climbing rope!!” (David was grinning )



“Is that to find Selestia?”

“Ya, of course.”

“Hi”, said Selestia. She was right behind him.

‘What?!? How did you come?”

“Well I heard your voices”.

“Oh, yay!! Hooray!! Let’s have a party that Selestia is back!”

They went to the woods; then out of the woods to the buildings then they arrived at the palace!   Straight away the queen told her soldiers to bring food and wine. Then they all had a party.

The end!