Sustainability Workshop

This week, Year 6 had the opportunity to present their sustainability projects to all classes and talk about the importance of looking after our environment. Some of us designed a sustainable fashion line with a variety of items, including bags, dresses, ponchos, tops and headbands. They even designed a wedding dress for Miss K. They used only recycled materials and after selling them, they will donate their profit to the charity ‘Rainforest Alliance’. Others created a special sustainable menu with vegan food. The project was about leading a healthy life, eating food without dairy or animal products. A pupil prepared a meal and brought it to school ‘Stuffed peppers’, sharing his recipe with us. Another pupil’s project was about how we can make Stanborough Primary a green school. He shared different ways to save electricity, water and recycle paper. Our digital leader decided to design a special game ‘Mr Clean’ to promote reducing litter. The aim of the game is to pick up litter and sell it to gain more materials and trees. He used the advanced platform ‘unity’. Another pupil decided to paint a picture of what the rainforest could look like if we stop deforestation. She shared some shocking statistics with us about how in a 100 years, most of the species will go extinct if we continue cutting trees. Year 6 were very excited to share what they learned and show their projects, inspiring others to save the world by looking after our environment.