Spring / Week 13

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve already reached the final week of spring! As always, our school is dedicated to improving our curriculum and creating better learning opportunities for our students. To accomplish this, we regularly conduct “Deep Dives” into specific subjects to gather information and feedback. Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting James Roach, our improvement partner, who led Deep Dives into both Reading and Computing across the entire school. This involved speaking with students and teachers, reviewing materials, and observing lessons. I would like to extend my gratitude to both our students and staff for their exemplary efforts in providing dynamic and effective learning opportunities that allow our students to thrive.

As this week comes to a close, we will be wrapping up all taught topics this term and concluding our end-of-term assessments. Please, note there will be no after school clubs this week. I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to Pastor Shepley, the staff, and members of our school community for their invaluable assistance in our “Open The Book” assembly, which focused on the last supper this morning.

Just a reminder that the KS2 Cross Country event has been rescheduled and will now be held on Wednesday, May 3rd, starting at 11:00 am. Additional information will be provided closer to the event date.

Please note that the Spring Concert is coming up, and all children must be in their winter uniform for the last time this term. If necessary, teachers will add any extra decorations. On Thursday, March 30th, school will end at 2pm, so please pick up your children promptly. We want to make sure that both the children and staff have plenty of rest before returning at 6:30pm for a prompt 7:00pm start in the main school hall. The doors will open at 6:30pm, and the HSA will provide light refreshments before and after the concert. This event should not be missed!

SCHOOL VALUE OF THE WEEK (W/C 27th March 2023): Gratitude

Values Roll of Honour: (W/C 20th March 2023):

ResilienceGabbie, Stefan, Philip, Chloe, Evelyn, Ved, Nathan R, Nathan A-C, George, Unami & Rutendo.
AcceptanceGabbie, Lucca, Hayli, Idelle, Micah W, George, Marqueza & Finley.
IndependenceEzekiel, Aurelia, Parshva, Chloe, Aaron R, Diya, Jadon, Timothy & Nomsa.
CuriosityRichard, Mehdi, Aurelia, Stephanie, Michael, Hana, Ved, Thandiwe, Barbora & Amy
ExcellenceEva, Phineas, All of Reception, Joycellin, Hayli, Michaela, Micah W, Martin, Israel, Nathan A-C, Zachary, Thiago, & Finley.
Self-ControlMehdi,  Aaron W, Mahlon, James, Micah W, Martin, Thandiwe, Orla, Thiago & Amy.
RespectEva, Aurelia, Matthias, Sophia M, All of Year 3, Orla, Micah & Shemilore.
CooperationAll of Nursery, Stefan, Philip, Krisztian, Aaron R, Nathan R, Jadon, Christiana & Austin.
**Growth Mind-set **Abel, Aaron W, Joycellin, Fatima, Hana, Evelyn, Israel, Diya, Elisha, Rhea, Sophia G & Austin.

Stars of the Week (Headteacher Awards) W/C 20th March 2023:

Year 1Hayli
Year 2Zara
Year 3Aaron R
Year 4Nathan A-C
Year 5Timothy
Year 6Rutendo

Keep letting your light shine! I am so proud of you all.

Attendance W/C 20th March 2023:

Each school in the local authority has an attendance target that is set for them. This year our school attendance target is 96%. Of course, we do not expect children who are unwell to come to school. They need to stay at home and rest to get well. They also need to stay at home, so they do not pass on illness to others. 

Any child who arrives after the register has closed is classed as an unauthorised absence, unless a suitable reason is given, and this is authorised by the Headteacher. All children who arrive late (after 08.50) MUST report to the school office and be signed in by an accompanying adult. A frequent pattern of ‘lateness’ would need to be addressed with the parent by the Headteacher and, in some cases, our attached Attendance Improvement Officer from Hertfordshire County Council. As little as 5 minutes late a day will result in your child missing the equivalent of three days of school across the year.

Year GroupAttendance %
Year 194.29%
Year 296.0%
Year 398.75%
Year 4100%
Year 592.0%
Year 6100%

Congratulations to Years Reception, 4 & 6 for 100% attendance this week.  All classes with 100% attendance will receive an additional 15 minutes of playtime this week.


We have observed that sometimes children can become anxious or embarrassed when they arrive late to school and have to enter the classroom when learning has begun. We understand, of course, that there can be exceptional reasons for lateness. It is, however, a parent’s legal responsibility to have his/her child in school for registration. Children can be in school from 8:30 am each day ready for a prompt 8:45 am start. A frequent pattern of ‘lateness’ would need to be addressed via a meeting with the Designated Safeguarding Lead or Headteacher.

Medical/Dental Appointments:

Please hand in a written note to the teacher/school office or telephone the school office. This ensures your child’s attendance is recorded correctly. Please contact the office if your child is unable to attend school by 10:00 am every day in line with our school policy. 

Packed Lunches:

Please be reminded that we no longer serve school dinners and that you must provide your child with a packed lunch daily until further notice. We have received a number of queries with regard to bringing hot food from home as a packed lunch. We are happy for you to do so, but please use a suitable container – NO GLASS. Unfortunately, staff are unable to reheat the food.

Swimming Lessons – SUMMER TERM 2023

After the Easter break, swimming lessons will take place on Monday afternoons (1.30 pm – 2 pm) until the end of the Summer Term.  Children are required to wear their full PE kit (instead of the full school uniform) with the school logo visible as they are representing the school and we wish to maintain our high uniform standards at all times. Children are required to bring trunks/a swimsuit (one-piece swimming costume only), a towel and goggles in a separate swimming bag. Please note when the children enter the changing area, they are required to remove their shoes and socks. Plastic overshoes are not provided so children may bring a lightweight pair of clean flip-flops to wear.

 Key Dates:

29th March 2023Spring Concert Dress Rehearsal
30th March 2023Spring Term Ends (School closes at 2 pm)Spring Concert (Evening) 7 pm
17th April 2023INSET DAY
18th April 2023Summer Term (1st half) Begins
21st April 2023Spellathon

See the link for our school calendar – https://www.stanboroughprimary.org.uk/calendar/

Finally, let us remember Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26, NIV

Love and Blessings,

Tiann Madden