Science Week Workshop

On Monday, pupils at Stanborough Primary School took part in a whole-school activity to launch Science Week. Paula (from a company called Hands-on Science) introduced them to this year’s Science Week topic – Our Diverse Planet. Pupils talked about and celebrated the amazing diversity that they see across the world.

Did you know that we share Earth with an estimated 5.3 million – 1 trillion different species? Our planet is so diverse that it makes it impossible to give an exact amount – who knows what is left to be discovered!

Additionally, they learnt that water is one of the most important factors that living things need in order to survive. This is one of the reasons which make our planet so unique.  

After assembly, each class had the opportunity to take part in a science workshop based around the topic. The Year 4 pupils learnt how to investigate and identify someone, using their unique physical characteristics in a workshop called CSI Biometrics.

This practical session allowed pupils to collect and examine different information about their bodies: height, fingerprints, foot measurement and head measurement. One pupil stated, “What I liked best was fingerprinting in the fingerprints workshop and being shown how to look out for our unique characteristics – It was pretty amazing!”

Before the end of the workshop, they had the opportunity to put their problem solving and detective skills to the test by playing a game based on biometric data.

The budding CSIs had a really great workshop and have truly become a ‘Hands-on Science’ investigator.