Science Week 2019

Themed around ‘Journeys’, children in year six took part in different activities that explored this theme.

Sneeze Zone Achoo! How far can a sneeze travel and how can we prevent others from getting ill? Through this fun activity we learnt more about the spread of microbes and their potential to infect people. We got to measure the distance and impact of a sneeze by using water in a spray bottle.

Making a Neuron, Making Memories Our brains control everything we think, feel, say and do. Inside our brains we have around 80 billion cells called neurons. Luckily, neurons are tiny, so we can fit them all in — about 30,000 neurons could fit on a pinhead!

A neuron connects to lots of other neurons; every second, millions of electrical signals journey through your brain, passing from neuron to neuron, a bit like a tiny game of pass the parcel. When you learn something new, neurons make new connections.

When you remember something, a signal passes through these connections. In this activity, we made our own neuron out of pipe cleaners and learnt about some of the amazing parts of these cells.

Journey Stick When Australian Aboriginals went on long journeys they tied objects to a stick. They would start at one end of the stick and work along it as they travelled. The objects would help them to remember events and experiences on their journey, and to tell others of their adventures. We went on our own journey and made a journey stick with a friend.