School Elections and School Council

The time has come round again to elect our new School Council.  The previous School Council have worked really hard and have thoroughly enjoyed their roles.  They have shown great commitment to their positions and dedication to our school. 

After hearing our school council candidates’ speeches, each class voted for a chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer. We have also voted for our Sports Captains. Our class representatives will be working together to ensure our school improves in all areas and coming up with creative ideas. We also have our Faith Ambassadors, Wellbeing Champions and Digital Leaders who are excited to support others and promote our school values through their encouragement, prayers and technical support.

School Council

Chair- Arjun

Vice Chair- Jana

Secretary- Simona

Treasurer- Reeya

School Council Class Representatives

Year 1 Representative- Zara

Year 2 Representative- Martin

Year 3 Representative- Thandiwe

Year 4 Representative- Marqueza

Year 5 Representative- Nomsa

Year 6 Representatives- Amanda and Isaac

Sports Captains

Bunyan Girl – Tayla-Ann

Bunyan Boy – Christopher

Nightingale Girl – Gabriella

Nightingale Boy- Noah

Sports Vice Captains

Bunyan Girl (Vice) – Eden

Bunyan Boy (Vice) – Oluwaloni

Nightingale Girl (Vice) – Amanda

Nightingale Boy (Vice) – Lucas

Faith Ambassadors

Year 1 Faith Ambassadors- Idelle and Ed Mitchel

Year 2 Faith Ambassador- Hana

Year 3 Faith Ambassador- Diya

Year 4 Faith Ambassador- Sophia

Year 5 Faith Ambassadors- Amy and Nomsa

Year 6 Faith Ambassadors- Gabriella and Reeya

Wellbeing Champions

Year 1 Wellbeing Champion – Michaela

Year 2 Wellbeing Champion – Evelyn

Year 3 Wellbeing Champion – Aniyah

Year 4 Wellbeing Champion – Amelia

Year 5 Wellbeing Champion – Rutendo

Year 6 Wellbeing Champion – Lucas

Digital Leaders

Year 1 Digital Leader- Isaiah

Year 2 Digital Leader- Micah

Year 3 Digital Leader- Jadon

Year 4 Digital Leader- Zachary

Year 5 Digital Leader- Emmanuel

Year 6 Digital Leaders- Arjun and Christopher