Dear Parents and Carers,

Downloading a new app or game is so quick and straightforward that, whenever a young person uses a smartphone (either their own or a parent’s) there’s always the possibility that they could expose themselves to inappropriate content (such as games with violent scenes or apps featuring adult themes) simply by sheer accident or, more likely, through youthful curiosity.

Fortunately, the parental controls you’ll find on most smartphones are an excellent way of minimising this possibility. They don’t completely remove the element of risk – but they do limit it considerably. In this week’s #WakeUpWednesday guides they will steer you through the process of setting up this useful protection on iPhone and Android smartphones.

In the attached guides, you will find tips on a number of tips such as how to restrict built-in apps, the game centre and app store purchases.

Kind Regards

Mrs T Madden 

Headteacher/Computing Lead