2021 ASE Great Bug Hunt!

Announcing an exciting competition for all budding Scientists!

Insects are so important to us as humans! It is so exciting to explore the natural world on our doorstep and to have fun whilst respecting the creatures and their habitats. The challenge is ‘Show us what you find!’

  1.  Identify a local habitat- local playing fields, local woods or the school grounds.  Take a magnifying glass with you and a notepad. Observe, take photos of the insects that are within the nearest hedge, flower bed, tree, grass, stone, rock, explore and report back. 
  2. Your entries may be a wall poster, a report, a video or even a podcast or poem!   Let your imagination run wild!

Send your entries as scans, images, Word docs, Powerpoints or PDF’s to rebecca@ase.org.uk by 10th June 2021 or give your entries to Miss K or Mrs Bartley and we will submit them for you. 

The prizes are insect replated but the school wins an Insect Day with an expert!!