Spring / Week 6

Dear Parents and Carers,

The children have continued enjoying a wide range of learning and broader opportunities throughout the week. I was proud of how well the children represented themselves and the school by participating in the Times Table Rockstars challenge organised by the NSPCC, finishing 22nd out of 2, 895 participating schools. The class results (out of 17,285 classes) were as follows: Year 5 – 25, Year 4 – 767, Year 3 – 1972 and Year 6 – 2657.

In addition, pupils in Years 1-6 participated in a Safer Internet Safety workshop hosted by Open view. The feedback from the facilitator was very impressive. As a result, our children know the rules of staying safe online and what they should do if someone is unkind to them online.

This week as a school, we will celebrate children’s mental health week, followed by our Wellbeing and Health Partnership launch with the BUC on Friday, 10th February 2023, from 1 pm – 2.30 pm – come along and support this worthy initiative. This year’s theme for the children’s mental health week is focused on “being kind”, which ties in with our school values. I look forward to seeing the children participate in some whole school activities based on this theme.


Values Roll of Honour: (W/C 30th January 2023):

ResilienceGabbie, Lerato, Matthias, Chloe, Hana, Aaron R, Ved, Nathan R, Jadon, Aniyah, Thandiwe, Unami & Rutendo.
AcceptanceMehdi, Aaron W, All of Year 1, Fatima, Hana, Micah, Aaron R, Orla, George, Jadon, Aniyah, Thandiwe, Marqueza & Austin.
IndependenceAll of Nursery, Stefan, Hayli, Idelle, Micah W, Ved, Israel, Hana, Evelyn, Orla, George, Diya, Aniyah, Thandiwe, Jadon, Timothy & Shemilore.
CuriosityMehdi, Phineas, All of Reception, All of Year 1, Zara, Hana, Micah W, George, Nathan A-C, Jadon, Diya, Rhea & Nomsa.
ExcellenceEva, Abel, Aurelia, Stephanie, Sophia M, Israel, Hana, Nathan R, Orla, Nathan A-C, Diya, Thandiwe, Zachary & Amy.
Self-ControlDavid, Stefan, Philip, Krisztian, Hana, Micah W, Evelyn, Ved, Orla, Diya, Jadon, Aniyah, Thandiwe, Sophia G & Shemilore.
RespectEva, Aurelia, All of Year 1, Michael, Hana, Micah W, Evelyn, Aaron R, Orla, George, Nathan, Thandiwe, Jadon, Christiana & Rutendo.
CooperationRichard, Abel, Lucca, Stephanie, Truthi, Hana, Evelyn, Ved, Diya, Aniyah, Thandiwe, George & Austin.
**Growth Mind-set **Phineas, Lucca, Joycellin, James, Hana, Micah, Ved, Jadon, Diya, Aniyah, Thandiwe, Barbora, Micah A-C, Amy & Nomsa.

Stars of the Week (Headteacher Awards) W/C 30th January 2023:

Year 1Joycellin
Year 2Michaela
Year 3Aaron R
Year 4Thandiwe
Year 5Timothy
Year 6Rutendo

Keep letting your light shine! I am so proud of you all.

Attendance W/C 30th January 2023:

Each school in the local authority has an attendance target that is set for them. This year our school attendance target is 96%. Of course, we do not expect children who are unwell to come to school. They need to stay at home and rest to get well. They also need to stay at home, so they do not pass on illness to others. 

Year GroupAttendance %
Year 190%
Year 294%
Year 392.50%
Year 484.62%
Year 5100%
Year 6100%

Congratulations to Reception, Year 5 & Year 6 for 100% attendance this week. Keep it up!

Medical/Dental Appointments:

Please hand in a written note to the teacher/school office, or telephone the school office. This ensures your child’s attendance is recorded correctly. Please contact the office if your child is unable to attend school by 10:00 am every day in line with our school policy. 

HCL School Lunches Spring Term 2023 (1st Half): 

If you wish to pay for school meals for the whole of the Spring term (1st half) it is £65.00. We are on Week 3 of the menu this week. 

Termination of Contract with HCL (School meal providers):

Just a reminder that HCL, our current caterers, have advised that they want to increase our school meals from £2.60 to £4.00 per day for the following reasons:

  • Low pupil daily uptake for school meals
  • Increase of cost living – rising food costs
  • Increase in salaries for their staff members

I have challenged the steep increase and have been left with only one option – to mutually agree to end our contract with HCL, as we are unable to find a middle ground to proceed. HCL will only provide us with school meals until Friday, 10th February 2023 – the end of this half-term. Therefore, from w/c 20th February 2023, you must provide your child with a packed lunch daily until further notice.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause; we have not taken this decision lightly. Please do not hesitate to contact me via the school office if you have any concerns.

Safer Internet Day:

Safer Internet Day takes place on Tuesday 7th February with the theme ‘Making space for conversations about life online’. The day is an opportunity to educate pupils on the safe and respectful use of the internet and social media.

Swimming Lessons – Spring Term Second Half:

We have secured weekly swimming lessons again for Years 3 – 6 at Everyone Active Watford – Central for Spring Term (2nd half). This will start on Thursday, 23rd February after the half-term. More information to follow.

HSA Chair/ School Governor Vacancy:

We currently have one vacancy for the role of Chair of the Home School Association. If you would be interested in joining the Home School Association, please email the school office at info@stanboroughprimary.org.uk for further information. 

Parent Consultations:

We will be holding our parents’ evening on Wednesday 22nd (4 pm – 6 pm) please note there will be no after-school club on this day & on Thursday 23rd February (6 pm – 8 pm). We look forward to updating you on your child’s engagement and progress. Bookings can be made at the school office or by emailing Mrs Warwick directly at lwarwick@stanboroughprimary.org.uk.

 Key Dates:

3rd February 2023Internet Safety Workshops
7th February 2023Safer Internet Day
8th February 2023  Mastermind Competition
10th February 2023Spring Term (1st Half) Ends – 13:30pm
10th February 2023Wellbeing & Health Partnership Launch 1:00pm – 2:30pm
20th February 2023Spring Term (2nd Half) Begins – 8:30am onwards
22-23rd February 2023Parent Consultation Meetings 4pm – 6pm
23rd February 2023Parent Consultation Meetings 6pm – 8pm
24th February 2023Primary and Secondary School Joint Assembly

See the link for our school calendar – https://www.stanboroughprimary.org.uk/calendar/

Finally, let us remember, “May you experience the love of Christ…Then you will be filled with the fullness of life and power that comes from God”. Ephesians 3:19 NLT

Love and Blessings,

Tiann Madden