Half-term Home Learning

Remember to practice your spellings. See previous blog for your spelling list.

Use the Usernames and Passwords, you were given, to attempt the SPaG practise questions. You can complete it online at www.spag.com. If you forget, send a message and I’ll email it to you.

Maths –
Continue using your 10-min books to practise key skills.

After the break, we will be learning to:

  • To interpret and construct pie charts.
  • Solve problems involving ratio and proportion
  • Read, write and convert between units of length, mass and capacity.

Learning Log –
OLI: To make an informed choice
Task – Research a character from an Aesop fable that you would like to dress up as for World Book Day. Explain why you have chosen this particular character. .

D&T –
Look at the packaging of food you have bought. Make a note of its country of origin. Can you plot the location on a map?