CPR Training

What an incredible training Year 6 have had! They have been fortunate to have the Garston Blue Watch (Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Services) run a session on CPR.

The children got a chance to perform CPR and remembered to use the acronym (DRS ABC – Danger, Response, Shout for help, Airway, Breathing, Compressions) to help them remember the correct stages of administering CPR.

They also received a shout-out on the Garston Fire Brigade’s twitter feed!

@garstonfire teaching Yr6 pupils at Stanborough primary school life saving CPR skills this morning. #localinitiative saving lives in other ways. pic.twitter.com/tu1M9t4TOJ— Garston Fire Station (@garstonfire) March 18, 2019

After the session,children used their newly learnt knowledge and to write a news article. See some of our fabulous writing below –

They also created a poster to share with the other classes in school.