A trip to The Guardian!

Years 5 and 6 were off to spend a Friday at the Guardian Education Centre to learn to create front pages. Once they were filled in on the workings of the news, they were told that they could write their very own front pages of a newspaper. Working in pairs, they chose stories they wanted to cover and carefully formulated their articles, according to the 5 Ws they were taught about (What, When, Who, Where, Why).

After lunch, it was time for the finishing touches. They became sub-editors, scouring their work for errors. They also learnt that sub-editors are the ones to write the headlines which should not only be short, simple, snappy but informative too!

Finally, after coming up with the names and cost for their newspaper, their handy work was printed. Their front pages were hung up on a board for all to see. They were so proud of what they had achieved!