Autumn 2 Week 1

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you all had an opportunity to recharge and rest during the half-term break. The staff and I are looking forward to this term as there are several school outings and activities planned to enhance our pupils’ learning and skills this half–term. We are particularly looking forward to our end-of-term nativity! Today, the staff are participating in training around provision for our SEND pupils and providing high-quality teaching for all learners in our school – the senior leadership team and I look forward to observing the impact of this training on a day-to-day basis through our learning walks, conversations with pupils and book reviews.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at Parents’ evening which will be held on Wednesday 2nd November and Thursday 3rd November 2022. The meetings will take place in the school hall. You should have received an email from the school office asking you to confirm your preferred day and time slot. If you have not booked your preferred time slot, please contact the school as soon as possible.


Values Roll of Honour: (W/C 17th October 2022):

ResilienceJoseph, Stefan, Philip, All of Year 2, Ved, Martin, Diya, Nathan A-C, Zachary, Timothy & Rutendo.
AcceptanceMehdi, Aurelia, Aaron W, Hayli, All of Year 2, Evelyn, Aaron R, Thandiwe, Orla, Aniyah, Micah A-C & Finley.
IndependenceAbel, Lucca, Stephanie, Matthias, James, Idelle, Sophia M, Truthi, Nathan R, Martin, Diya, George, Aniyah, Thiago, Marqueza, Barbora & Nomsa.
CuriosityPhineas, Stefan, Joycellin, Michael, Fatima, Krisztian, Ved, Aaron R, Jadon, Nathan A-C, Rhea, Christiana & Shemilore.
ExcellenceJoseph, Aurelia, Philip, Idelle, Michael, Evelyn, Hana, Diya, Nathan A-C, Thiago, Unami & Amy. 
Self-ControlAbel, Stefan, Mahlon, Zara, Michaela, Sophia M, Chloe, Idelle, Evelyn, Thandiwe, Orla, Timothy & Austin.
RespectMehdi, Aaron W, Mahlon, Michaela, Ved, Nathan R, Jadon, Aniyah, Micah A-C, Thiago & Finley.
CooperationPhineas, Lerato, Aurelia, Joycellin, Stephanie, All of Year 2, Nathan R, Micah W, George, Orla, Zachary, Thiago & Rutendo.
**Growth Mind-set **David, Aaron W, Hayli, Krisztian, Evelyn, Hana, Micah W, Jadon, Sophia G & Nomsa.

Stars of the Week (Headteacher Awards) W/C 17th October 2022:

Year 1Hayli
Year 2Chloe & Truthi
Year 3Evelyn
Year 4Diya
Year 5Thiago
Year 6Austin

Keep letting your light shine! I am so proud of you all.

Attendance W/C 17th October 2022:

Each school in the local authority has an attendance target that is set for them. This year our school attendance target is 96%. Of course, we do not expect children who are unwell to come to school. They need to stay at home and rest to get well. They also need to stay at home, so they do not pass on illness to others.

Year GroupAttendance %
Year 193.33%
Year 290.00%
Year 3100%
Year 497.14%
Year 5100%
Year 693.33%

Please contact the office if your child is unable to attend school by 10:00 am every day in line with our school policy. 

HCL School Lunches Autumn Term 2022 (2nd Half):

School lunches are available Monday – Friday (£2.60 per day, £13.00 per week), please see the attached menu for Autumn Term 2022 (2nd Half). 

Please pay for school meals in advance via the school office or preferably via bank transfer to the school account with the reference of your child’s name DINNERS. You can pay daily, weekly, monthly, ½ termly.

  • The cost for your child’s school lunches for the first half of the Autumn Term, (35 lunch days) is £85.80

If your child has any dietary requirements/food allergies, please let me know and I will send you a link to contact HCL directly. Please note, we are on WEEK 1 on the menu this week. 

Be Bright Be Seen:

Now that winter is coming and it is getting darker in the evenings, we ask that you remind your children about the importance of wearing bright clothing and making themselves visible to others, especially vehicles.

If they ride a bike to and from school, it is a legal requirement for them to have a front and rear light on their bikes. You might also choose to remind them about wearing reflective accessories.

Please also remind them of the importance of looking properly before crossing the road, making themselves seen and avoiding distraction.

End-of-Day Procedures:

Please note that the gates to the main playground and Nursey area will close promptly at 4 pm each day. Thank you.

Secondary Transfer 2023:

Today is the deadline that Year 6 pupils must apply for a secondary school next year today. See the link for further details:

 Key Dates:

Tuesday, 1st November Autumn Term (2nd Half) Begins
1st – 4th November Parliament Week
Wednesday, 2nd NovemberPupil Progress Evening 4-6pm
Thursday, 3rd NovemberPupil Progress Evening 6-8pm
7th – 11th NovemberWeek of Prayer
7th – 11th NovemberMaths Week

See the link for our school calendar –

Finally, let us remember, “Dear friends, let us continue to love one another, for love comes from God. Anyone who loves is born of God and knows God. But anyone who does not love does not know God—for God is love… If we love each other, God lives in us, and His love has been brought to full expression through us.” 1 John 4:7,8,12 NLT

Love and Blessings,

Mrs Madden