Summer 2 Week 3

Dear Parents and Carers, 

It has been another jam-packed week! On Wednesday, 15th of June, we hosted our annual Sports Day. This was particularly memorable for those who attended, as it was the first Sports Day in three years where we could host family and friends!

All pupils were in great spirits, demonstrating the values of cooperation, excellence and resilience. Keeping with tradition, pupils competed together in their House teams in an attempt to win the coveted trophy. With the glorious weather on our side, the day was destined to be fun-filled and unforgettable! Congratulations to every pupil who participated and provided support and enthusiasm throughout the day! 

A huge thank you to all staff, parent helpers, the HSA and our talented students whose efforts and positivity made this Sports Day one of the best in a long time!

This week we will be focusing on our final summer assessments for Reception to Year 5 pupils. Please note, the whole school photograph will be taken on Friday 24th June. We request that all children arrive on time and in their full summer uniform. PE kits will not be acceptable.

SCHOOL VALUE OF THE WEEK (W/C 13th June 2022): Self-Control 

Values Roll of Honour: (W/C 13th June 2022):

ExcellenceAurelia, Noah, Lucas, Joycellin, Philip, Ed Mitchel, Ved,  Rhea, Christiana, Shemilore & Nomsa.
ResilienceAbel, Mehdi, Joycellin, Matthias, Mahlon, Philip, Idelle, Hana, George, All of Years 4 & 5 , Rueben & Chris D. 
IndependenceEva, Jana, James, Piers, Fatima, Evelyn, Kemuel,  Unami, Thiago, Zachary, Marqueza, Rhea, Amy, Rutendo, Austin &  Caden.
Co-operationPhineas, Zion, Philip, Mahlon, Matthias, Zara, Martin, Aniyah, All of Years 4 & 5, Aaron & Arjun.
Self-ControlPhineas, Mahlon, Michael, Micah, Sophia, Thiago, Zachary, Emmanuel, Austin, Simona & Reeya.
CuriosityEva, Elicia, Lerato, Aurelia, Zion, Mehdi, Phineas, Lucca, Joseph, Abel, Stefan, Piers, Sophia, Fatimah, Diya, Rhea, Amy, Austin, Amanda & Gabriella. 
AcceptanceMahlon, Philip, Stephanie, Michael, All of Years 4 & 5,  Tayla-Ann &  Zainab.
RespectLerato, Mehdi, Stephanie, Joycellin, Mahlon, Matthias, Philip, Chloe, Michaela, Rhea, Nomsa, Amy, Chris O & Chris D.
**Growth Mind-set **Stephanie, Joycellin, Mahlon, Matthias, Philip, Abel, Ed Mitchel, Aaron, Thandiwe, All of Years 4 & 5, Chris O, Chris D & Isaac.

Stars of the Week (Headteacher Awards) W/C 13th June2022:

Year 1Ed Mitchel
Year 2Ved
Year 3Aniyah
Year 4Rhea
Year 5Austin
Year 6Oluwaloni

 Keep letting your light shine! I am so proud of you all.

Attendance W/C 13th June 2022:

Each school in the local authority has an attendance target that is set for them. This year our school attendance target is 97%. Of course, we do not expect children who are unwell to come into school. They need to stay at home and rest to get well. They also need to stay at home, so they do not pass on illness to others.

Year GroupAttendance %
Year 1100%
Year 296.43%
Year 3100%
Year 494.29%
Year 5100%
Year 695.83%

Well done to Nursery, Year 1, Year 3 and Year 5 for a 100% attendance last week – keep up the good work! 

Please contact the office if your child is unable to attend school by 10:00am every day in line with our school policy. 


I am delighted to inform you that the HSA will be hosting a Summer Family BBQ on Sunday, 3rd July 2022 from 1-4pm. More details to follow regarding this event.

REMINDER- HCL School Lunches Summer Term 2022 (2nd half):

HCL provide a vegetarian lunch menu. School lunches for Summer Term (2nd half) will be £70.20 this excludes Sports day as your child bought in a packed lunch that day. This week, we are on WEEK 3 of the menu.

NB Due to the upcoming residential trip, the total amount for Year 5 & 6 pupils would be £62.40. Please ensure school lunches are paid for in advance. Thank you.

Key Dates:

20th – 24th June 2022Class Assessments
Fri 24th June 2022Class Group Photographs
27th – 29th June 2022Year 5/6 Residential Trip
Sun 3rd July 2022HSA Family Summer BBQ 1 – 4pm
Fri, 15th July 2022 End of Year Celebration Assembly 10.30am
 Summer Term Ends 13.30pm (Reports to Parents)

See link for our school calendar –

Finally, let us remember, ‘God is our refuge and strength an ever-present help in trouble – Psalms 46:1.’

Love and Blessings,

Mrs Madden