Royal Mail Hero Stamp Design

Dear Parents and Carers, 

For more than 50 years, Royal Mail’s Special Stamp programme has commemorated British history and achievement. Stamps have also been issued to honour the achievements of many British people. Often, the people who appear on stamps are already famous. They include scientists and explorers, writers, artists, musicians, athletes, and Prime Ministers.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, there have been many people who have done great things. Many of them are not famous, but they have done extraordinary work. These are the people who have helped us all through a really difficult time. Some are frontline workers in healthcare, others look after elderly or vulnerable people.

Millions of key workers have kept the country going when most of us were told to stay home for our own safety. And there have been many people who volunteered to help people in their communities that needed help or support. We think that what these people have done makes them heroes, so Royal Mail wants to honour them by producing a set of eight stamps created by eight school-aged children.

This week as part of our Wellness Wednesday activities we would like our pupils to think about who their hero or heroes are and design a stamp in their honour. We would like the children to bring their initial designs into school next week as we will continue to work on them until they are ready to be submitted. All  completed entries must be drawn on the official attached form and this must be submitted to the school office or class teacher by Friday 21st May. This will allow us plenty of time to send off the all the entries. A special panel of judges will select the winning designs. The final eight stamps will be sent to Her Majesty, the Queen, before they can be printed and issued. Winners will be announced in the autumn term.

We are looking forward to working with the children on their designs when we are back  in school. 


Mrs T Madden