Recently, it was Science Week! Our topic was ‘Innovating the Future’ which was fascinating because we learnt about all the inventions which changed the world!

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We had a special workshop which gave us the opportunity to learn about different mechanisms and ideas which have contributed to the scientific development of technology, transportations and much more. We also carried out a range of experiments linking to our topic! We had the opportunity to plan our own investigations, record results and discuss our predictions.

We created levers, pulleys and pendulums. We explored different types of forces and the importance of gravity. We looked at water resistance and air resistance and the way it affects vehicles and ships, linked to streamlined shapes. We created different shapes, used a timer to record their speed in water and used slow motion videos to understand the contrast in speed.

We also had special home learning investigations which stretched our learning even further. This week was an opportunity for us to become real scientists! Scientists, who can invent, ask questions, test, explore, investigate and most of all, learn about the amazing world we live in!