God has a plan for us

Today in R.E, we had a go at creating an origami boat without a plan. Have a look at our attempts:

Next, we had a go at making our boats with a plan. How did they turn out?

What are the benefits of having a plan to follow?

‘You know what to do!” – Arjun

‘One of the benefits is that it would turn out successfully.’ – Amanda

‘It is more clear and helps us know what to do.’ – Gabriella

‘If you follow a plan, it will work out better.’ – Simona

‘If you have a plan then you can have success and use your time wisely.’ -Aryan

‘Your object would turn out how you expect it to be.’ – Caden

‘In the end, what you are making will turn out the way it is meant to.’ – Natasha

‘If you follow a plan, you will have a strategy for next time.’ – Christopher O