American Museum – Native American Workshop

Challenge 1 – Landscapes – Look at pictures of different American landscapes. Discuss how the Native American lifestyle was supported by the local environment and how they adapted to make the most of their surroundings. Explain specifically how access to the woodlands and rivers gave them shelter, food and transport.

Challenge 2 – Shelter – Look at examples and diagrams of Native American houses. Explore specifically how access to the different landscapes gave them materials to build shelters. Also, learn about Native American reservations.

Challenge 3 – Christopher Columbus – Find out what happened when Christopher Columbus first met the Native Americans. Discuss in their own words, some of the good and bad things that happened as a result of their meeting and consider how perceptions of both groups developed as relationships changed. 

Challenge 4 – Weaving – Read the legend of the Navajo Spider Woman. Discuss how it relates to weaving and look at images of woven wall hangings from the Native American Navajo tribe. Practise this weaving technique using wool to create weavings.

Challenge 5 – Artefacts Handling – Use a range of objects to find out about the Native American tribes and European settlers. 

Challenge 6 – Leadership – Learn about the significance of the ‘feather’. Understand that it is given to someone as a mark of respect for their contribution towards the Native American legacy. Award someone who has made a difference in their lives by giving them a ‘feather’.