The front of our nursery.
The front of our nursery.

Through creating a secure environment the teaching staff aim to develop each child’s individual personality, to work as a supportive team to both parents and the children, and to link the home and school for the good of the child.

 The size of the nursery (max. 24) allows for individual attention which means children often develop educational skills sooner than in larger groups, giving them an easier transition to the reception class. 

We provide a good balance between child lead and teacher guided learning.

Of the nine weekly sessions we offer, you can choose which ones you would like to send your child to. If your child stays for the whole day then they can bring their own packed lunch or buy a school dinner. These are vegetarian and non diary alternatives are available.

The Government Nursery funding offers free Nursery places for every 3-4 year old. This is for a maximum of 5 sessions per week. Fees are payable for 6 sessions and over.