BUC Science Competition

As part of Stanborough School’s centennial celebrations the BUC are launching their first annual BUC science competition for schools and home educated students across the British Union. 

The theme of the competition is ‘100 YEARS OF SCIENCE’, allowing participants to explore any aspect of science within the 1919-2019 timeframe. It was decided to have a broad theme for the first competition to allow for as much creativity as possible. Students can design and carry out a mini science project in line with the theme. 

Why take part? 

Science is all around us and not just in textbooks. Our aim is to awaken an interest in science for students of all ages. This nationwide competition is an opportunity for primary and secondary students to showcase their brilliant scientific ideas. 

How to enter? 

To register for the competition, complete the registration form and email it to [email protected] by 30th April 2019. 

After you have registered, you will be sent a project form that is to be completed once you have concluded your experiment/project. This form will be submitted alongside a maximum of 5 images of your experiment/project that best reflect the process. All completed submissions must be sent to [email protected] by 31st May 2019. 

What are the categories? 

Applicants will be categorised based on school year or age, a winner will be selected from each of the 10 categories. Home educators under 11  Primary School 
Ages 0-5  Nursery & reception 
Aged 6-8  Year 1-3 
Aged 9-11  Year 4-6 

What are the rules? 

  • You are only allowed to make one entry per applicant 
  • All project/experiment work must be completed individually (primary school and under 11-year olds may receive guidance from their parents/ guardians) 
  • Entries after the deadline will not be considered 

What are the prizes? 

All entrants will receive a certificate and the winners of each category will win a fabulous prize. The winners will be announced at the Stanborough Schools’ Centenary Fun Day on Sunday 7th July 2019. 

How will the entries be judged? 

Entries will be judged by a panel of guest judges from various scientific backgrounds. 

Entry Form 

To complete the form online go to https://fs9.formsite.com/EudAdr/wd0oudzght/index.html 

A paper version of the form is available